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Some tasks for you

Task 1. Translate these sentences. The article ‘How to understand a Londoner’ from the rubric Everyday English will help you.


1) I was on the bone when you knocked at the door.

2) He hasn't got eighteen pence!

3) Think! Use your loaf of bread!

4) Quite a nice lah-di-dah!

5) Would you Adam and Eve it? 
6) Get up those apples and pears to bed!

7) My barnet fair is so long, I'll have to go to the hairdresser's and get it cut.

8) You couldn't lend me some bees, could you? I'm completely boracic lint.

9) Here! Take a butcher's at this!

10) Hello, my old China!

11) Scarpa! The film will start at 8 p.m. 
12) Let's go to the club! Do you сocoa?
 13) Get your plates off my table!

14) Would you like a cup of rosy?

15) Come here, you little tea leaf!

16) Do you like my new whistle?

17) I don't know what she's rabbiting about.

18) I'm ironing my uncle.

19) The trouble's shopping again.


Task 2. Let’s remember the rubric English or Anglicus. What do you know about English dialects?

1) What is dialect?

2) Which English dialects do you know?

3) What things differ in English dialects? Give 4-5 examples.


Task 3. It’s time to have a meal! There is an article The world on a plate about food customs of English-speaking countries in the rubric New mode of life.

1) What is the most important holiday in the USA? What food do Americans cook for this day?

2) How do Americans take the food? What do you think about this mode of life?

3) What products of Australian cuisine were new for you?

4) What is Billy tea?

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