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A cup of tea
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5. Anna Анисимова [artless]   (24.05.2012 19:02)
"From my mind" ... There is though (no through) ..

4. Евгения Беспалова [Gumbert]   (09.05.2012 12:27)
The article 'Come see an African market' is for the rubric 'New mode of life', not for 'Cultural Guide'.

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3. Евгения Беспалова [Gumbert]   (09.05.2012 12:22)
The describtion of the rubric 'New mode of life' is not right. We shall change it to 'Do British drink tea at 5 o’clock? What is foreign way of life like? Find answers for these and other questions on this page!'

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2. Евгения Беспалова [Gumbert]   (09.05.2012 12:19)
I've found the mistake in the rubric 'From my mind', the list 'Nasha strana - nashe nasledie' (need to translate): 'They're awful, I know it. Then through '... The word in bold must be deleted.

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1. Евгения Беспалова [Gumbert]   (09.05.2012 12:14)
I've found a mistake in the description of the rubric 'Anecdotes': 'by (an article) journalist...'


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