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The gents of the new time (living in England nowadays)

 The English are different from other European nations in their psychology. Almost all people in England are  deep individualists, everybody there  prefere to live alone due to the insularity of  Great Britain. Hence2 British people are closed, and they often say ‚Home sweet home‘.


 Typical Englishman has a hard, harsh3 and strict character, because he was educated in the way unlike the foreigns. British system of education brings up4 ‚gentlemen‘. This word is used for calling the rich person, who serves the public with a sense of duty, who does it unselfishly, and honestly.


 Self-expression5 is not condemned6 in England. One can easily realize his/her fantasy there. The English have not accepted to follow the general fashion. If you do something wrong, no one will look down7 at you. It is your self-expression, and interfering in the personal affairs8 is not accepted9, unless it is hooliganism.

 As for the hooliganism, in England the police is much faster then in any other country, because the order is the basis for the English.


 The English like to communicate, to host10. However, there are some rules of being a pleasant  guest and host. Firstly, staying in more than 2.5 hours is not accepted. Secondly, if you had invited the Englishman at three o‘clock, then he will come exactly at three, not a minute before or after. It is well-known  British punctuality. Thirdly, good host cooks as many food as it is needed for invited people. If there will be extra guests by chance, it is politely to ask them to sit aside. There may be no products.


 Thus11 we see that the British, are more punctual and business people unlike us, everything is thought out and planned in advance12 by them. Maybe it is a good example for us?



1 gents – gentlemen

2 hense – that is why

3 harch – severe

4 bring up – to raise, to educate

5 self-expression – showing your individuality by your shape, behaivor, etc.

6 condemned – critisised (in this text)

7 look down – stuck up the nose

8 interfering in the personal affairs – teaching other people how to live, helping them when you are not asked to, etc.

9 is not accepted – is not typical

10 to host – to have a guests in the house

11 thus – so

12 in advance – before the happening


By Ivan Busygin,

the student of 10 A form


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