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Dear Angela

What problems do usually teens have? You know that one of the ways to solve the problems is to ask for someone’s help. But teenagers usually would not like anybody to know their problems. Then they share their thoughts with a teenage magazine. There are some teenage magazines in Russia. Experienced psychologists work for the different youth magazines. They are persons with whom young people share all their problems. Lots of teens send their letters to magazines to the section «A problem shared … ». 

Our students of class 8 tried to write about their personal problems to Angela, and tried to be psychologists. Read some of them to Angela.


Anastasia, 15

Dear Angela,

Can you help me? I can't choose my future profession. I will pass my exams next year, but I don't know who I'll become. My parents want me to become an economist or a doctor. Bur these professions are not interesting for me. I would like to become an actor or a traveler, or a journalist. My parents consider these professions are very dangerous and not for woman. And I don't know what I must do: to obey my parents or choose a profession myself? Please help me and give me advice.

Dear Anastasia,

It's hard to answer your question at once. I think every person has a right to choose a profession. I'm sure your parents wish you all the best; they want you to have respectable profession which will bring you good money. But I think you mustn't obey your parents and choose a profession yourself. You must like your future profession and you must enjoy it. I hope you can make your own right choice. Good luck!

 Karina, 15 

Dear Angela,

I have a problem and I need your advice. Two month ago I went to a new school and it's difficult for me to study here. First of all the school program in this school is much more difficult than in my former school and I have bad marks on Russian, English, Algebra and it worries me very much. I'm in a new class now and it's not always easy to get along with my classmates. I have nobody to talk to and discuss any news. In comparison with my previous school I have too much homework now and sometimes I haven't time to prepare for all lessons. I feel so lonely. I need your advice because I don't know what to do.

Dear Karina,

I understand your problem and I'll try to help you. Yes, you are right. The school programs in some schools are very difficult. But it's difficult for all pupils of any class. You'll get used soon to it. You have a possibility to correct your marks.

I think you should be surer and less shy. You can begin a discussion yourself. In some classes pupils are very friendly and sociable. You can invite your classmates to visit you. Yes, I agree with you. Nowadays pupils have much homework. If you want to get good marks, you must begin to do your homework at once after school.

What is more important for you: success at school or walk with your friends? I think it's very difficult to study well and have a lot of free time. You should be patient, hardworking. You can overcome all the difficulties.

 Kate, 14

Dear Angela,

Can you help me? In general I don't have a time to do many things. I don't have enough time to rest, do homework and walk with my friends because I stay with my younger brother. My mother and father work very hard and I often take care of my brother at home. I'm very tired.

I have spoken to my mum about it but it didn't work. I'm sick of going through these problems every day.

Please help me as I'm under so much strain.

Dear Kate,

Nothing wrong with you, you're hardworking and responsible. All those things are a definite plus. You are a bit more mature than your mates. Those are the things to be proud of. But let your parents know that you need them to help you. Probably they give you some time for having a rest at the weekend.

You'll be able to go for a walk with your friends. I'm sure everything will be OK.


Slava, 14

Dear Angela,

I can't define which kind of job I will choose in my future. I tried to find courses or psychologist to solve this problem, but I couldn't find them, I tried to find the appropriate job. In my school I didn't find my favorite lesson. Do you think something wrong with me or I did something wrong when I looked for job? Can you help me?

Dear Slava, I know your problem. Many teenagers in your age think about it. Nothing's wrong with you. You're a normal teenager who can not choose the future job. If you do not have favorite lesson, think about your hobbies. Think about things that you enjoy to listen to about. Think about your favourite books and films. Ask your parents about their choice.

There are so many attending-grabbing professions and one of them will be yours. Frankly speaking, it is too early to think about it. You're just 14. I think you will choose a good job and you will be a succesful person.

I hope my advice will help you. Good luck.

Edited by Ksenia Shimko

The student of class 8A

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