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Animals` problems

Some people visit zoos with pleasure, other ones believe that it is nearly immoral. Who is right? Let’s meet with teenagers’ point of view.

Ksenia Shimko, 15

      It is a well-known fact that a lot of people love animals and take pleasure of visiting zoos. On the other hand some people are convinced that animals should inhabit in their natural surroundings. This issue is very relevant nowadays. According to some experts, it is even one of the key problems of humanity. I am inclined to think that animals should inhabit in their natural surroundings. However, another opinion about zoos is also acceptable. Personally, I think that both options have their advantages. In the following paragraphs I will analyze these points.

 From the one side, a zoo has many benefits for people. First of all, children can learn about animals not only from books and TV programs they can see animals, touch them and even feed them. I think it is an amazing experience for a child. Second of all, if animal is sick, people will be able to save him.

 On the other hand we can observe that animals should inhabit in their natural surroundings. I would say that animals are not toys and we can not manage them. Nature has created men and animals and everyone should inhabit in their midst, in the wild. Men are not locked in cages to show them to others. Certainly, this is an exaggeration, but people do it with animals. I know that most zoos try to keep their animals in the environment which is close to their native, but they can not give them as much freedom as animals want to.

 To sum up, I can say that zoos have many advantages, but the wildlife will be better for animals. And I prefer to see animals on TV, then observe how the bear is dying from the heat or squirrel is freezing from the cold.

Yulia Kosinova, 15

Many people think that zoos are good and useful things but others do not agree. Other persons are sure that zoos do not benefit. They consider that the main problem of each zoo is animals. To be more precise, are animals` cages, this fact that animals are not free.  It is generally agreed today that walks in the zoo are very useful. Additionally, how to be in this situation?

 What is the zoo? For someone it is fun and pleasure, but for another it is a silly object with locked animals. As for me the zoo is place which it is not worth visiting. The zoo is the embodiment of cruelty to animals. They should be free as was opened by nature. They have to live outdoors, at the wildlife. The nature says so. However, I understand and agree with people who are not very well applying to the zoos.

 I do not talk that zoo is a terrible thing. There are some advantages they have, such as walks on the fresh air, learning some information about animals and happy pastime.  I am sure that the main pro of zoos is the environment introduction, especially for children.

 Several people are becoming aware that the zoological gardens are very rewarding for citizen and it is a good way to earn money with the help of animals. Notwithstanding that the animals bring them a considerable profit the human beings had not become happier. Persons do not think about animals` feelings.

 In conclusion, I would say when people go to the zoos they are nasty and unsafe. If the individuals had not caught so many animals, humanity could enjoy their views and the grandeur in natural nature.

Eugenia Bespalova, 16

No doubt, protecting animal rights is a serious issue. There are a lot of organizations, which aim is preventing cruelty to animals. They talk about killing beasts as a recreation, for making fashion clothes, etc. But what about zoos, where animals are held in cages?

 Animal rights protectors believe that watching animals in zoos is immoral due to the fact that beasts are out of their natural substitutes there. Some people are admonished every animal in a zoo is a zoohozys sufferer. In the judgment of these protectors zoohozys is a psychic disorder which makes a cage beast walk through his man-made home, beat itself. However, this term is not official. Moreover talking about animal’s psychic is unscientific.

 People who find holding animals in zoos violent, forget that animals can be hurt or eaten by the other ones in their habitats. For instance, in the book ‘The Bafut Beagles ‘which was written by Gerald Durrell is showed how unprotected are beasts in the nature, where they are forced to bear the pain which is caused by parasites and diseases.

 Sometimes the only way to save an endangered animal is to place it in a cage. In addition to this fact a lot of captive species live longer than their free brothers. Why should we regret animals in cages, if they feel good?

 As we see, holding animals in zoos is a way of protecting them, of course if workers respect their clients and do everything to make them feel comfortable.


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