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Jim`s Traveling

Jim’s traveling


In a tiny town lived a boy called Jim. He was fond of travelling very much, but his parents were very strict and did not allow him to leave their home. Once, Jim decided to leave his native town despite his parents` prohibition. Years went by; Jim grew up and became a doctor. He was studying unfamiliar diseases. Once he went on a mission by airplane to develop his skills and knowledge. But suddenly the aircraft, which Jim was in, began to descend. After the air wreck Jim found himself in an unknown land. Fortunately, the young man was not upset and began to provide himself with the necessary conveniences. The island was handsome, with a favorable climate. It smelt sweet; moreover he could view wonderful flowers and prolific trees everywhere. The island was called «Miracle» by Jim owing to its beauty and amazing wildlife.

His hut was constructed from trees that grew in the nearby forest. Shortly after his completing amenities, it turned out that he was not alone. Miracle was populated by local savages; by the way, they were kind and friendly, but unfortunately some of them suffered from various diseases. Jim had a good chance to treat them. He was sure that all men are created equal and it was not important what nationality the person was. Jim liked to help people who were sick and he decided to stay on the island called Miracle. First of all Jim was very lugubrious due to this fact that he missed his soul mates and acquaintances, but in the end these tribal people were his relatives. Jim was in high spirits!

Edited by Anastasia Takmakova

                                                                                                                                                     the student of class 8 A

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