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When I was a child I had a splendid idea to discover a new land.

Moreover, there was a moment when I was ready to lead the life of a wanderer. I began my trip. I was navigating the ocean during some months. The ocean was calm. Suddenly I saw a huge waterfall, but I noticed that there were not any waterfalls on the map. My ship was driven onto the rocks where the falls were situated. I fell on my back and I hurt my head. I do not know how I survived. Conversely, I was saved by a miracle.
I saw the wreckage of my ship, but the small boat remained ... It was, therefore, clear that I was on the ground. That place wasn't on my map.
The unexpected thought fairly knocked me back: it was really an island. I was not sure whether that island had been unexplored by anybody.  I slept in the trees because I was afraid of local predators. I began to inspect the enigmatic island. I decided to call the island "Hope." Undoubtedly, that place gave me the hope to comprehend that it is possible to find a plot of land in the world where the foot of man has never stepped on trod.

There were no people on that island, but it was rich in small and unknown animals
; furthermore, the island was fragrant with wonderful plants. Some local animals were very similar to our cats, but their tails were like those of rabbits. Other ones looked like mice, but they had no tails. The birds were so bright and colorful. When they were flying together, it looked like a rainbow. They often sang songs. I even found a couple of birds' eggs and they were also colored. The trees were high on the island. At that moment I thought that it was a dream. Everything was so beautiful. Fruits and vegetables did not grow there. I really wanted to stay in that magical place. There was also a small pond with absolutely pure water. There were no buildings. I especially liked to look at sunsets and sunrises and hear the sound of the waterfall. When I ran out of stock, I went home in my little boat. I was picked up by a passing ship.

It was a great journey. Later the researchers discovered this island, but it is known only by me which island it was.

                                                                                                                       By Ksenia Shimko

                                                                                                                              the student of class 8 A

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