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Lingua franca
Not everyone is ready to hear this voice. 
The main problem of languages which are not dying is the plenty of adoptions5 from the English language. Is the life of the international languages doubtless6?
 On the contrary this process kills English. This language becomes simpler, when it is used by the people who do not know it well enough. For instance, the author of the article about the modern English language tells that he heard a conversation between the American boy and the Spanish one. The teenager from Spain knew only how to say ‘It's OK’ and ‘Thank you’ in English, but the chat was quite lengthy.
  Also using non-artificial language as the lingua franca causes political protests. There was a demonstration in India during which were used only posters with slogans written in Hindi. The only broadsheet7 written in English was like ‘Kill the English language!’
 People who thinks like the demonstrator are the significant part of the humanity. Now Chinese, Spanish and Arabic are used as lingua franca in some regions.  Some little lands8 now do not use English, as in other times. 

As we see, the most powerful language of nowadays is weaker then it seems to be. The only one knows about the future of English. This one is time.

1 Lingua franca (from Latin) – the international language
2 leftovers – remains
3 idiom – language
4 globalization – the modern process of making an international culture
5 adoptions – words from one language used in other one
6 doubtless – having no problem
7 broadsheet – poster
8 lands - countries

1. Nesterenko V.S. The problems of existence and development perspectives of English language.
2. wikipedia.org
3. http://www.iimt.narod.ru/global_english.htm

By Evgenia Bespalova,
The student of 10 A form

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