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The official gazette for schoolchildren will be published once a term in electronic form only and contain different information both the Early Language Learners and Teenagers.


Grade Level: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate

Subject Area: English, German

Brief Description:

ü      The participants of newspaper will research and write articles that will be published in an electronic newspaper.

ü      Students will choose rubrics and decide what information they want to read.

• Objectives

Students will:

ü      Develop their writing skills through  journalism

ü      Develop their abilities to synthesize information they gather

ü      Use a variety of resources to gather information for the newspaper articles

ü      Learn about HTML and Web publications




Students always find writing boring. They usually do it as home task but not something enjoyable. One of the purposes of this newspaper is to show the school children that writing can be fun and they can not do without it.

Conversely, using an electronic school gazette helps the pupils to improve their skills and knowledge in English, i.e. to reach their higher level. It is, therefore, clear that students can learn from each other and the teacher will only correct their work at the end of the process. ... Читать дальше »

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