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Is it worth celebrating?

 There is a phrase ‘Traditional celebrations have no relevance in today’s world and are a waste of time and money’. Let us discuss it. I think it can be divided into two parts: the ‘scientific’ point of view and ‘non-scientific’ one.

  ‘Scientific’…what does it mean? For me it means the unimportance of traditions. It would seem what is necessary in celebrations? It doesn’t give you any practical advice or new knowledge – nothing you need! Moreover you can see too many drunken people on streets, but the mob of angry boozy people is a very dangerous thing. Bad stuff is happening in state of drunkenness! That is why traditional celebrations are not only useful, but dangerous a little bit.

  Now let us talk about ‘non-scientific’ point of view. Of course, we can agree with above said, but we shouldn’t forget about spiritual importance of celebrations. It brings people together; it makes people remember their history, men become happy and satisfied. We shouldn’t look at drunkenness there, because there is a thing which is more important and it is mentioned above.

 Traditional celebrations are like double-sided medal. Of course, there  is no simple answer for the question. Everyone chooses the side he/she wants. And yet, ‘non-scientific’ is more selectable side than the ‘scientific’. And I said about it higher. Now I want to appeal to the reader. What do you think? What side is more important for you? Ponder over it…

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          By Alexander Sannikov

                                                                                                                                                                  the student of class 10 A


‘Traditional celebrations have no relevance in today’s world and are a waste of time and money’.

 I can’t fully accept or reject that statement. If you have ever thought about it you should know clearly that holidays occupy significant place in our life. It is impossible to imagine today’s world without Christmas, Easter, Women’s Day etc. Each of them has its own signification and history. Celebrations bring variety into our lives and give it color. Just think how awful it would be to live everyday life knowing that it will never end. 

 But on the other hand, we cannot celebrate all the holidays. Taking a look at the calendar you can see a plenty of holidays for every day. But if we will celebrate all of them, they will lose their uniqueness. I think frequent celebrations we like nothing more than their absence. At first, of course, it would be fine, but later inevitably pall, turning in the gray routine.
Of course, celebrations take our time and money but what does not? You do not throw it away. You spend time for people important for you. And it is worth more than you think. I think the view of a ‘waste of money and time’ comes from the childhood. When parents raising their children. From childhood they make us giving presents. It causes a negative attitude in the future. But nobody knows...
 Anyway, we should not forget traditional celebrations, they are already an integral part of our lives.


By Alexander Kravchenko

the student of class 10A


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