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Humanity's biggest problem
What are the most important issues of humanity nowadays? Our students thought of this position.

                            Most of the problems we have today
 As for me, I cannot find the only issue which is the most significant. There are a lot of problems! For this reason, I tried to mention the biggest ones.
 Associate1 with the global challenges2 of our time, accompanied3 humanity throughout its history. Above all, these should include environmental, peace, overcoming poverty, hunger and illiteracy. Apparently, significant damage is inflicted nature Sinanthropus (about 400,000 years ago), which was used fire. As a result, incurred in this regard fires destroy large areas of vegetation. Scientists believe that ancient people intensive hunting mammoths was a major cause of extinction of this species.
 One of the causes of death of forests in many parts of the world - acid rain, which are the main culprits of the power plant. Over the last 20 years (1970 - 1990) the world has lost nearly 200 million hectares of forest, equivalent to the area of ​​the United States east of the Mississippi. Especially great environmental threat is the depletion of tropical forests - "lungs of the planet" and the main source of the planet's biodiversity. 
Drug addiction and AIDS
          Since ancient times, people felt the need for a miracle, in the care of the real world. Belief in supernatural forces reinforced by the knowledge of plants that can open up for a while a person other reality.
      There are hypotheses that even 25,000 years ago, people learned about their mysterious effect. The few sources that have survived suggest that drug discoverers were the Chinese, Greeks and Aztecs. Save some cave paintings, objects of worship.
      People who start using drugs, threatens the formation of biological dependence. Thus, it becomes necessary for a person taking a constant regular drug. But since the majority of drug users do not have the financial means to get the drug by honest, they have to go to various crimes, which ultimately leads to the criminalization of society.
           All drugs, regardless of the route into the body to a greater or lesser extent, necessarily damage: the nervous system (including the brain), immune system, liver, heart and lungs. All of these body systems are interconnected with each other, which leads to damage of all organs simultaneously.
      The second group includes diseases transmitted through injection, the spread of which thus contribute to drug addicts. The most dangerous of these are AIDS, hepatitis (B), and syphilis.

1 associate - connect, 
2 challenges – problems,
3 accompanied – coming with, 
humanity- all the people on the Earth, 
hunger- нищета, 
illiteracy – неграмотность, 
deforestation – destroying forests, 
power plant- electrostations, 
lungs- легкие, 
source – источники, 
industry- промышленность, 
biodiversity- разнообразие, 
drug addiction – наркомания, 
AIDS- спид, 
route- введение,
                                           interconnected- взаимосвязаны.

By Kristina Kurolenko,
the student of 10 A class

                                               Never grow up
 Everybody used to have a lot of interests and hobbies. Playing guitar, drawing, swimming, writing poems, and other wonderful things are so amazing, are not they? It is really good when a person can do something interesting. But recently I have noticed that people are less interested in something. This is particularly visibly1 when a person grows up.  In the course of2 going up3 a lot of people lose their interests and hobbies, stop to believe in something magical, drown in a routine. There are only essential problems in their life. Everything they need is food and money. The essence is lost during process of this existence. 
 Every time I go out and see a "gray mass” of faceless people doing their routine chores4.  "Gray mass” isn’t only adults. Sometimes physically young people are included in "gray mass” too. You can be physically young when you are psychically old or physically old when you are psychically young. Just choose.
 I cannot understand why teenagers want to look like adults, want to be adults. Because of this aspiration4 they start to do adult actions. A person is a set of doings that he does. A person who does only adults actions is adult.
 Not every adult included in the gray mass. There are exceptions in our life. You can be one of them. "We’re all kids. Always stay a kid. Never become a grown up. Being a grown up is really terrible.”

1 visibly – noticeable
2 in the course of – during
3 going up – growing up
4 aspiration – the wish

By Vitaliy Akishin,
the student of 10 A form
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