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Robots in our life

With the progress of our life becomes more and more difficult because of excessive information technologies. We must keep huge amount of information in our brain. But at the same time those information technologies help us to make life easier. Nowadays we can see many gadgets that can remember all information you need and you will be able to get it in any second. But these gadgets don’t just remember information. There are devices that help to do something. They can be you if you can’t. It’s really so. They can transport heavy things, create something, walk the dog, water flowers, and even dance. Do you guess what I am talking about? Yeah, they are robots.

Human creates robots to get a powerful force that can be used instead of human strength. Robot is a machine which has specific program that consists of conditions and actions for them. So, someone wants to do something. Inventors create a special machine which is able to overcome the problem. Programmers write a program to rule the robot or to get automatically working bot. Testers test robots and decide whether they can solve the problem. If yes, then someone gets a robot for work.

Also people use robots for fun. Maybe you have  heard about robo fightings or robo football. Scientists are breaking their heads about artificial brain all around the world.

If you are interested in this topic and want try create robots you can go for robotics lessons in Gymnasium No 26. You are welcome!





                                                                                                   By Valentin Alexeev

                                                                                                   The student of the 10 class

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