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Everyday English

It’s obvious that everyday language is significant. We use official words much rarely than non-official ones. That is why people who don’t know foreign slang have got a lot of problems in communication when they are in a new country. You don’t orientate yourself in non-official English, do you? Don’t bother! We’ll study together!

 Today we’re going to discuss English SMS-argot. This part of language is very influential. Nowadays the products of great writers are translated into. The famous Hamlet’s phrase is written like ‘2 b? Ntb? =?’ – "To be or not to be? That is a question’. As we see, SMS-argot must be known for people who’re going to communicate with foreigners equally.

 Well, that’s a time to meet with the most common SMS-phrases. Here they are.

& - and

 0 – nothing

 1 – One, want

 2 - two, to, too

2DAY – today

4 – For – Для

A3 - anyplace, anytime, anywhere

ASAP – as soon as possible

ATM – at the moment

AYT – are you there?

B – be, bye

B4 – before

BBFN – Bye bye for know

BBL – (I will) be back later

BC - because

BF - boyfriend

BK - back

BRO - brother

BT – but

BYO – Bring your own

C – see

CUL - see you later

D8 - date

EA – E-mail alert

ETA – Estimated time of arrival

EZ - easy

F8 – fate

FTF - face to face

GF – girlfriend

GMTA - great minds think alike

GR8 – great

HAND - have a nice day

HOLS – holidays

HRU - how are you

HV - have

I - it

ICBW - it could be worse

IDTS - I don't think so

IGU – I give up

 Its - it is

IYKWIM - if you know what I mean

JK - just kidding

KDS – kids

KOTC - kiss on the cheek

 L8 - late

L8R – later

LOL - laughing out loud

Luv U - I love you

 Luv U2 - I love you too

 M8 – mate

MU - I miss you

MUSM - I miss you so much

 NE1 – anyone

NP - no problem

OIC - oh, I see

PCM - please call me

PLS – please

 PS - parents

R – are

ROTFL - rolling on the floor laughing

RUOK - are you ok?

 SIS - sister

 SKOOL - school

SMMR – summer

THNQ - thank you

 U – you

UROK - you are okay

WR – were


BBFN then!



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